First Home Buyers

In todays market it can be difficult enough to navigate your way to the next open home, let alone juggling a mortgage application as well. With so many different steps and processes, it can be a daunting process, and one where most don't even know where to begin. We're here from the start, we'll talk you through your current position, walk you through all the different options, and take away the guess work. We will give guidance on things such as KiwiSaver, First Home Grants, We'll even put you in touch with all the people you may need throughout the process such as lawyers and building inspectors. The whole reason Square One is here, is to go above and beyond the normal expectations, we're not just here to get you approved, we're here to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. 

Non-Bank Lending

Non-Bank Mortgage lending is becoming such a vital space in the lending world, as it provides significant alternative options in comparison to what main stream lenders can provide. As a previous Business Development Manager with one of NZ's largest Non Bank lenders, Josh has all the experience to help you navigate through different options to suit your needs. Non-Bank lending covers a variety of options, from Credit Impairment such as defaults and even bankruptcies, New businesses that don't have full financials, Longer loan terms if people are being restricted because of age, even varying LVR requirements for Investors and First Home Buyers. Non-Bank lending in New Zealand doesn't necessarily mean astronomical interest rates anymore either, with rates starting at around 2.99%. 


There's a fine line between buying an asset for the future, and a problem for tomorrow. We're here to be a part of your team to make sure that the next step is the right one for you. When buying an investment property, it's unlike any other house purchase, it's about making an informed decision that weighs up risk and reward. It's not just about the interest rate, or immediate rental return, it's about the long term strategy and what to look out for. We will help consider the options that needs to be looked at for future protection such as leveraging your own home, spreading risk across multiple mortgage lenders etc. We're here to help give good solid advice, making sure that what you're buying, is tomorrows asset and not a long term liability.